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Wood tech engineers offers Hollow Chip Tubular Board Technology from Europe and From China in capacities of 11000m3/year to 30000 m3/year.

Tubular chip board is a classic wood –based panel made from high quality particals of wood /bagasse .It is a low density with density range from 300kg/m3 to 400kb/m3 Tubular board plant is specially designed to produce an effective alternative of wood. The plant utilizes low cost agro waste –wood waste cotton stalk waste

Features of tubular chip board :-
  • Light in weight only 300kg/m3to 400kg/m3 compare to the general solid wood tubular structures can decrease 60% weight of board.
  • High durability.
  • Fire retardant
  • High level of sound insulation sound proofing sound insulation more then 26dbs
  • Heat insulation keeps warm. Preserve heat
  • Stable in dimension –size stability-no wrapping –indeformable-nondeformable.
  • Smooth and good calibration.
  • Easy to process.
Advantage of tubular chip board project :-
  • Low capital investment
  • Low operation costs
  • More profitable project from partical board and mdf board.
Raw materials of tubular chip board :-
  • Waste wood
  • Sugar cane bagasse.
  • Cotton stalk.
  • Small diameter wood.
  • Furniture waste wood.
  • Veneer waste wood.
  • Fire wood.
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High level of sound insulation, sound-proofing
Smooth and good calibration
Fire Retardant
Stable in dimension;Size stability,no wrapping
Easy to processing
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